5 Best Color Words Activity Printables Your Preschoolers Will Absolutely Love and be Able to Do! 

There are so many ways to help preschoolers and toddlers learn their colors. These color words activity printables do just that. See some really easy activities that your toddler can actually do!

color words activity

How to Help Preschoolers Learn Color Words?

Alright, let’s mix things up and jump into a cool color words activity that’ll have your little ones mastering those hues effortlessly. No fancy talk here – just some color words and a bunch of fun!

Like this super cut and easy activity (click on the image to grab it free):

color words activities

What Color Words Should Preschoolers Learn?

First things first, let’s keep it easy. Red, green, blue, pink, yellow, black, and white – these are the stars of color words for our little pals. Think simple, not brain surgery.

This super cute crayon color activity is a great way to help them learn colors, the complete package includes all the colors preschoolers learn, also a fantastic way to craft and work on those fine motor skills.

How to Do This Crayon Activity Step by Step

These NO PREP color word worksheets which double as a cut crayon craft, are perfect for pre-k and kindergarten students. Your kiddos will love practicing their colors as they color, cut, glue, write, and identify the color words and objects.

color activities for toddlers

Step 1: Gather Your Craft Stuff

>>> You can get the full packet crayon color craft here <<<

Grab your color words gear – crayons, scissors, glue, and those strips of colorful words. It’s like a low-key mission, but with some artsy vibes.grab the printable also because you will need the strips. 

color activities worksheets

Step 2: Storytime with Words

Start with a quick color words show and tell. Share stories about red apples, green grass, or that time you painted the sky blue and became a word artist (or not).

color worksheets activities

Step 3: Word Playtime

Now, let the kiddos match those word strips to the right color. It’s like a word-themed treasure hunt with glue thrown in.

Step 4: Cut, Paste, Repeat

Guide those little wordsmiths as they cut and paste their way to becoming champs at color words. It’s not just a craft; it’s a hands-on language lesson.

You can also add the name letters in boxes at the end of the craft:

color printable activities

How to Use This Activity to Help Kids Learn All About Their Color Words?

So, why does this laid-back wordy adventure work wonders for color word education?

color activities preschool

Wordy Connections

By linking color words to everyday stuff, kids start making sense of it. Like telling them red is the word for ripe strawberries – it’s a tasty connection.

 Language Memory Boost

Cutting, pasting, and creating – it’s like a workout for their tiny word banks. The hands-on action locks in those color words in their memory. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of gluey chaos?

 Show and Tell Language Style

Get those mini wordsmiths to flaunt their color word creations. It’s not just about words; it’s about expressing themselves and maybe discovering the next language whiz in the process.

Extension Activities to Dive Deeper into Color Words

Don’t wrap up the word party just yet – keep the good times rolling with these extras:

Word Hunt

Send the kiddos on a word scavenger hunt. They’ll be on a mission to find objects matching specific color words. It’s a game, not a lesson – they won’t even realize they’re soaking in words.

Collective Word Art

Bring the gang together for a colossal word art project. Mixing words and teamwork – it’s a double whammy of fun and linguistic creativity.

Storytime Loaded with Words

Swap your regular storybooks for ones bursting with color words. Reading about a blue sky or a yellow sun makes the word lesson a storytime adventure.

More Color Activities for Kids

These fun activities are a great start to learning all about colors. Click on each picture to get the free printable.

From the creator below: “These FREE science worksheets are aligned with a properties of matter science unit. This is a sample from my Sort by Property: Color and Shape Worksheets and Activities. There are a variety of tasks for students to practice sorting by color and sorting by shape.”

sort by color worksheet

This super cute activity pack for kids is perfect!

From the author “This is the perfect resource for students who are just learning their numbers, shapes, and colors. This resource is a very flexible tool for students. It can be brought home for students to practice or used at school as a tool.”

color crayon posters

You could also do so many coloring worksheets like these:

From the author: “Teach your students about our Groundhog’s Day traditions with these two adorable coloring sheets! One coloring sheet to show that the groundhog had no shadow, and one shows him scared of his shadow and predicting six more weeks of winter! Enjoy and happy Groundhog’s Day!”

color printable worksheets

Color Words and Object Associations List

Let’s dig into the fun world of associating colors with familiar objects – it’s like creating a rainbow in their minds! When you’re guiding kids to match up color words, throw in some everyday objects to make it all click.


– Apples: Picture those shiny red apples in a basket. The color red becomes as delicious as the fruit itself.

– Fire Trucks: The blazing red of fire trucks rushing by is a vivid and exciting example for little ones.


– Grass: Imagine the soft, green grass beneath their feet during playtime. Green becomes the color of outdoor adventures.

– Leaves: Point out the vibrant green leaves on trees during a stroll. Green is nature’s way of saying hello.


– Sky:Look up, and there’s the vast blue sky overhead. Blue is like a big, comforting hug from the heavens.

– Ocean: Talk about the deep blue sea, where waves dance in shades of blue. Blue becomes the color of mystery and calm.


– Cupcakes: Picture those pretty pink cupcakes with swirls of frosting. Pink is as sweet as a treat.

– Flowers: Point out lovely pink flowers in the garden. Pink becomes the color of beauty and joy.


– Sun: The warm yellow sun in the sky is a cheerful example. Yellow is like a smile from above.

– Bananas:Peel a banana and showcase its sunny yellow hue. Yellow is the color of tasty snacks.


– Cats:Introduce them to black cats, mysterious and sleek. Black becomes the color of nighttime playfulness.

– Tires: Show them the black rubber tires on a car. Black is the color of things that go zoom!


– Clouds: Gaze at fluffy white clouds drifting by. White is the color of endless possibilities in the sky.

– Snow:If they’ve experienced snow, white becomes the color of a winter wonderland.

color activity printable

Creating these associations helps kids not just memorize colors but also build a connection between colors and the world around them. 

So, go ahead, point out those red apples, dance under the blue sky, and let the world become their colorful classroom!

In a nutshell, turning color learning into a color words shindig is like turning up the volume on learning. So, grab those crayons, cue the crafting chaos, and let the wordy magic unfold! Happy word weaving, folks!

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