3 Fun Crafty Preschool Tracing Numbers 1 10 Worksheets Giraffe Craft

Hey, parents and teachers! Today, let’s make counting fun with a giraffe craft. No need for anything fancy – just some printables, glue, and a bit of excitement. Let’s turn counting into a safari adventure! This super cute preschool tracing numbers 1 10 worksheets are absolutely the number one resource I always pull up when working with preschoolers on their number formation.

Firstly, they are large enough for little hands to trace over with their fingers, dough or even crayons and pencils plus, makes for a super cute craft. Check out how cute the giraffe is, also it has the added benefit of easy cutting, because younger preschoolers cannot operate scissors that easily.

preschool number writing

How to Teach Counting up to 10

Counting up to 10 is a small but essential step. In my teaching days, counting wasn’t about saying numbers like a robot; it was about making them friends in everyday activities.

Once, I turned counting into a game of “number buddies.” We paired up numbers with objects around us, making counting a friendly adventure.

Teaching counting up to 10 is all about making numbers feel like familiar friends rather than daunting figures. Here’s a laid-back approach to help little learners grasp the concept:

1. Counting in Everyday Activities:

   – Incorporate counting into everyday routines. Count fingers during a game of peek-a-boo or count steps while going up or down. This hands-on practice makes counting a natural part of their daily experiences.

2. Number Buddies Game:

   – Turn counting into a game of “number buddies.” Associate each number with a friendly object or toy. For instance, the number 3 could be linked with three favorite stuffed animals. This playful connection helps kids remember and relate to the numbers.

3. Counting with Objects:

   – Use everyday objects like toys or snacks for counting practice. Line up a row of toys and count them together. It’s a tangible way to visualize numbers and make them more concrete.

4. Interactive Songs and Rhymes:

   – Explore counting through interactive songs and rhymes. Songs like “Five Little Ducks” or “Ten in the Bed” make counting rhythmic and enjoyable. The repetition in these tunes helps reinforce the order of numbers.

5. Counting Fingers and Toes:

   – Capitalize on the hands-on experience of counting fingers and toes. This not only reinforces the numerical order but also enhances fine motor skills as they touch each finger or toe while counting.

6. Visual Aids:

   – Utilize visual aids like number charts or flashcards. Simple and colorful visuals make numbers more engaging. Point to each number as you count together, creating a visual connection.

7. Counting During Playtime:

   – Integrate counting into playtime activities. For example, count the blocks as they build a tower or count the petals while playing with flowers. Associating counting with play makes it enjoyable and effortless.

8. Group Counting:

   – Encourage group counting activities. Whether it’s counting together as a family or with friends, group interactions create a supportive environment where kids feel comfortable practicing their counting skills.

Remember, the goal is to keep it relaxed, fun, and relevant to their daily experiences. By making counting a natural part of their world, kids are more likely to embrace and enjoy the process of learning numbers up to 10. 

How to Use This Giraffe Craft to Help Kids Learn Numbers up to 10

Now, let’s talk about our giraffe craft. Picture a giraffe template with a grid up to 10. Your little learners’ mission? Build the giraffe’s neck by filling in the missing numbers and bringing their giraffe buddy to life with colors.

It comes as a stand alone worksheet or you can use it to help them get crafty with it!

number writing 1 to 10

The first time I tried this craft, it was like opening a treasure chest of creativity. Kids weren’t just filling in numbers; they were crafting their own giraffe pals. Each spot on the grid was a step closer to mastering counting up to 10, plus mastering identifying numerals AND writing number words.

I will list some more Preschool Tracing Numbers 1 10 Worksheets below this one which are super crafty too.

Here’s your guide:

1. Print the Giraffe Template and Grid:

preschool numbers to 10

   – Get the free printable giraffe template and grid – your map to a counting safari.

To download your free printable, just sign into the site below and then reload it to unlock the image below and download the free printable.

numbers to ten preschool

2. Giraffe Building:

   – Build your giraffe’s neck by counting and pasting the number squares to build the neck. Super straightforward and fun!

3. Colorful Giraffe Creation:

   – Add a splash of creativity! Color in your giraffe to bring it to life. The more colorful, the better.

number tracing worksheets

4. Show and Tell:

   – Let your little artists proudly showcase their giraffe masterpieces. It’s like a mini gallery of counting success!

Extension Activities to Keep the Safari Alive

But wait, there’s more to this safari adventure! Here are some extra activities to keep the counting excitement going:

1. Giraffe Spot Hunt:

   – Hide giraffe cutouts around the room, each labeled with a number. Kids go on a spot hunt, collect them, and arrange in numerical order.

2. Number Stories:

   – Get creative! Kids can make short stories using the numbers on their giraffes. It’s like numbers in action in the safari.

3. Giraffe Race:

   – Line up giraffe crafts and have a friendly race to see who can correctly arrange their numbers first.

Adaptations for Kids Struggling with Counting to 10:

1. Reduced Number Grid:

   – Instead of a grid up to 10, start with a smaller range like 1 to 5. This provides a less overwhelming task, allowing them to focus on a smaller set of numbers.

2. Color-Coded Grid:

   – Color-code the grid to create a visual cue. Assign each number a different color, making it easier for kids to recognize and connect the numbers.

3. Use Counting Tools:

   – Introduce counting tools like counting cubes or markers. For each number, they can place a corresponding cube on the grid. This hands-on approach adds a tactile element to the activity.

4. Buddy System:

   – Pair struggling learners with a peer buddy. This collaborative approach fosters a supportive environment where they can work together to build the giraffe’s neck.

5. Simplified Giraffe Template:

   – Modify the giraffe template to include fewer spots, corresponding to the reduced number grid. This way, the focus remains on a smaller count.

6. Visual Prompts:

   – Include visual prompts next to each number on the grid. For example, add illustrations or representations to help kids associate the number with a visual cue.

7. Break it Down:

   – If counting to 10 feels challenging, break down the task into smaller steps. Count from 1 to 5 initially, then gradually extend to 10 as confidence grows.

More Preschool Tracing Numbers 1 10 Worksheets

These resources below are some of the absolute BEST resources to begin teaching number formation. Click on the images to go straight to the downloads.

Motor Skill Warm Up Number Trace

These number tracing sheets 0-9 are perfect, they include a guide!

From the author “Practicing number formation is fun with these Number Trace and Draw pages! Each page includes a visual with number formation, motor skill practice, number tracing on handwriting lines, and a picture to draw!”

trace and form the numbers

Numbers tracing worksheets

These are super cute and the BEST starting point too because of the larger print.

From the author: “Tracing Numbers 1-10 printable, traceable worksheets. Learn to write the numbers. Trace dotted numbers on one line and write the number unassisted on the next line. Writing page has apple tree with the corresponding number of apples to match the number on the page.”

number tracing worksheets

Remember, the key is to create a supportive and adaptable learning environment. These modifications aim to simplify the activity, reduce cognitive load, and provide additional cues to support kids who might find counting challenging. The goal is progress at a comfortable pace, ensuring a positive and enjoyable learning experience. 

Preschool Tracing Numbers 1 10 Worksheets

The learning safari is vast, and every spot on the giraffe’s neck brings us closer to mastering numbers up to 10. So, let’s dive into this giraffe-tastic adventure, get creative, and make counting a safari to remember!

Don’t forget to grab your free printable worksheet / craft for tracing numbers to 10 below.

numbers to ten preschool

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